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Originally Posted by 196667Bob View Post
Attached are several pictures of copies of my original Ford Instruction Sheets to which I added dimensions a couple years ago in answering a similar question.

As far as pictures, there should be a lot "out there" as this was a very common Accessory item in 1965 and 1966, as well as the Driver's side Remote Mirror being part of the "Visibility Group" Factory Option in 1966.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Bob

your drawings help a great deal. I did make a template , transfer it and cut a hole using a hole saw bit. Did all that before I saw your drawings DOH! Then noting that its just not a small toggle that will poke thru the door panel its a approx 1" hole to make room for the barrel....... I thought the chrome cover was a just a cover plate when I looked closer and found otherwise.

Your dims show that there is a forward lean to the screw holes I have not yet cut.

But my next question would anyone know what end is up? I note the cable design is a three cable system. One of the cable posts welds on one of the plates long ends....the other two cables weld into the opposite long end.

Does the single cable mount sky upwards? I have removed and reattached the cables log ago. The colors are lost on the cables. So no matter how I move this toggle in some direction... the reaction is illogical.

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