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Originally Posted by 1ofAMillion+ View Post
I cant remember if i actually saw it or just read about it but $10K.
The rest of that VIN could be worth double of whatever to someone. It might belong in a $75K GT FB or or one those oober S cars Advertise far and wide and i bet that sort of buyer has a "friend" near you that would help him ship it. Frankly though as a buyer i would feel better buying one that needs building.

I wonder how a person might x-reference that VIN to say if it originally made an S car go
You don’t mean an S code car do you? If so those are big block cars. The first S code was the 390 in ‘67 iirc

To answer the OPs question, I think you could try one of those really long eBay auctions for about 28 days so it gets a lot of exposure. You could probably get much more for it if you would ship it.

67 Fastback S Code, Brittany Blue

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