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Small update. My youngest son (14yr) came out to help me last night on the car. It changed my plan from working on cleaning out wheel wells to teaching him about cars and how they work. He was able to take a few bolts out and it was nice to hang out for a few hours even if we talked more then worked it was time well spent. We pulled the spark plugs and put oil in the cylinders so maybe we can turn it by hand in a few days. My wife told me last night that our youngest told her "I really want that car" so she told him to come help me so he did. lol He has been after me to get him a late 70s firebird as his first car but haven't found one yet. Maybe he will switch to a mustang now sure we can find one of those and work on it as a first car.

We also found out why the car pulls to the driver side when accelerating hard. The motor mounts are jacked up, the driver side looks right but the passenger side the rubber section is all toward the back of the car it is about a 1-2" father back than the driver side one. And the engine is pushed toward the passenger side so it made changing plugs harder. So when it comes time to pull the engine it will be a good time to replaced the motor mounts and correct that issue.

Also ordered rear brake parts they will be here next so hope to start putting the rear brakes back together. Have a super busy week but I think I will have time.

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