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I'll be off work for the next two weeks. Will spend week one with the grandkids, and then during week two I'll be flying out to Wisconsin to see my Dad, who I haven't seen in 10 years - long story. I will be taking my 16 year old daughter with me to finally meet the grandfather she's never met. After my two weeks are over, I'll be going back to work at the same prison I'm retiring from, but this time in an administrative position. If I manage to hang onto that for 10 years, I'll be pulling another retirement from the state of Arizona! But I know I'm going to be missing the camaraderie of working the yard with a good shift and it's us against everyone else.

I've started a blog about my car and adventures:

1965 Fastback, 289, Toploader 4 Speed, owned by me since June 1980. Originally a C-code with a C-4. 5R09C16****
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