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Hmm, this conversation has helped immensely. Here is what I think I am going to do. The Global West tubing is superior in just doesnt tie in all along the length...with these other contoured connectors being inferior in strength but they do tie in.....since I am talking about boxing them in on top prior to install....I might as well combine the two ideas and take some 12 gauge sheet steel, countour it to the floor pan myself and weld it to the sides of some global west connectors....creating a double box design retaining the strength of the DOM tubing, maintaining the greater ground clearance of the Global West design, and tying in along the entire length of the floor pan...sure its slightly more expensive than either option, but uses the advantages of both connectors....and adding a flat side to the GW connectors also makes a tie-in to the rocker panel itself easier(I dont have a tubing notcher)
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