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Originally Posted by BlakeTX View Post
We are often asked our opinions, and I realized that there are some that are so subjective, it's not even fair to offer them. So just for fun, and with the understanding that beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, here are some entirely subjective opinions that I believe very strongly, but in the final analysis, mean nothing.

It should be noted, there's no room for hurt feelings here. I imagine most of you would include "no flame jobs on Mustangs" as one of your strongly-held subjective opinions. I don't care. You're probably right. This is for fun.

What about you? What are your unpopular opinions?

1: Color. Black/Grey/Silver/White. They're sooo boring. Every other car in the world right now is a shade of these 4 colors with very few exceptions. The only way to get away with one of these colors is if you have a brightly contrasted interior, like red or blue. Full disclosure, my car was black with red interior and I changed it to all black with grey flames. You may now throw stones at my glass house.

2: Color again. There's no room in my life for silver blue. It's the embodiment of a 90's Toyota Camry color. Literally every other available color is better. Except maybe Arcadian Blue. Woof.

3. Eleanor. It's over. It was dumb in 1999, and it's worse now. A legacy of a copy of a clone of a plasticky car, with felony VIN tampering and millions of dollars in scammed people (Unique Performance). It's a sad car that is attractive to people who don't know what real Mustangs are. Everything about a stock 67 Shelby is better looking than that turd. Time to bury it.

4. Edelbrock Carbs. They're fussy to tune and even then it's hard to get them to run right. I had a magical 1405 that ran perfectly on a bone stock C-code 289 with an Eddy RPM intake for years. Once I added go-fast parts to it, it never ran right again (until Holley entered the picture). I don't understand why people are so attracted to them. Is it the chrome? I dunno. Get a Holley.

5. Stant lever radiator cap. It's ugly. If you have one, you should remove it and see how far you can throw it.

6. Engine bays that are any color besides black. Just no.

7. Chrome/polished Torq Thrust II wheels. I get why they're everywhere. It's an objectively attractive wheel. Let's all agree to move on and find something else.

8. Plastic conduit on wiring. There are better options. Get some Power Braid from Painless or something similar. It's better in every measurable way, and doesn't look like it came from the 80's.

9. No cowl hoods on (classic) Mustangs. They look great on Chevy's and Fox body Mustangs. They just don't look right on our cars.

10. Paint your pinch welds black! On a light colored car, the pinch welds were painted black from the factory so the ugly pinch welds faded into the background. They did this for a good reason.
Cool post. I actually like cowl hoods if they're not too big.. Other than that I agree. You would have got 1 million extra likes on this post if you had talked about what a POS a MII front end is
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