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We all know what they say about opinions and a$$holes - everyone's got one - so here's mine...

1. Wraps! Get a real paint job! A wrap is just a poor excuse for paint, and it's NOT the "never-wax damage proof" coating the purveyors claim it to be. The exception would be if it's printed with extreme or detailed graphics promoting your business. Otherwise, the first thought that comes to mind when I see a wrap is, "what kind of sins are they covering up?"

2. Flat paint! Again, get a paint job. If it's a work in progress or a track beater in primer, sweet! But don't treat your high-dollar restomod (or exotic or luxury car) to a dull flat paint job (or similarly bland wrap). Do it right and paint it!

3. Obscenely oversize wheels - we're talking diameter here. 18 inches and bigger don't belong on classic Mustangs. It doesn't matter how blingy they are or how cool they look on new Mustangs or other cars, they don't look good on a classic Mustang.

4. Extreme makeovers of bodywork and interiors! Yeah, there's a reason most of the people designing some of the atrocities committed on classic Mustangs don't get paid by Ford to do it professionally... Stick to your day jobs people, and stop pretending to be automotive designers. If you want flat panel touch screen controls, buy a new car! Nuff said!

Again, these are my opinions. I hope no one takes offense. And if your car falls into one or more of these categories, well, it's your car to do with as you please. I may not agree with your taste or style, but I always appreciate fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, even if the style is not something I would have done. So whatever you do, do it well!

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