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Hey Team VMF -

As I gently caress and hold this Paxton (still in plastic) in my arms - we've come to a conclusion.

I try to live according to the guidance in a certain book/chapter in a very old book that I read daily. I try also to live by the 7 Army Values. Not making an effort to work with the vendor goes against those basic tenants. Life is full of little tests such as this.

So, I will reach out to the vendor and work with those guys to come up with a win/win solution. If an agreement can't be reached - will cross that bridge if I need to. We will see what we come up with. I'll probably go the credit route as I'm not sure my car is ready for a super charger. Also, my mechanical skills aren't stellar - I'll probably grenade my motor or break the rear end or get boost happy and end up in a mailbox or worse.

I came to this conclusion based on all your input as well as a PM I received and a conversation I had on messenger with a VMF ghost. Would it be nice to have an SC near next to nothing? Absolutely. Do I want it - darn right I want it. Do I need it - probably not as much as I need brakes or better steering....or according to JDUB - a monster cam. Some may think this is an asinine course of action. My mechanic is going to think I'm insane. They maybe right or wrong. Just going to make the effort. I'd probably want that if roles were reversed.

Got to wait til Sunday to sort this out as my guy over there is on holiday and will return then. Oh yea - I do have a pending credit for like 200$ with the Vendor - would hate to mess that up. =)

One other side note. I have 3 daughters. My oldest is 16. I constantly drill into her the word integrity. I use a basic definition for it: Making the hard right as opposed to the easy wrong when no one is looking. Seems applicable in this scenario.

Thanks for your feedback. Will keep you all posted.


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