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For the most part I'm very impressed with the caliber of member we have here. Lots of holding each other up to a higher standard, obeying moral law over legality and people who always do the right thing. How did we get such a high concentration of extremely good people all in one place when society as a whole is an alternate universe compared to the members here? I don't know; I have a few ideas how it's possible even though improbable but that's not important. What is important is this: 95% of you are just plain wrong.

I'm one of the most honest people you could ever hope to meet. I live my life in service to others. Integrity is a hallmark that stamps its approval on everything I do. My conscience has its own superego that I must bend to appease no matter the constraint or who if anybody knows about it.

And I would keep the supercharger without a second thought. The funny part is the majority of you think less of me now.

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