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Originally Posted by John_Del View Post
Well, you asked.

If you keep it, it's theft. There, I said it. You hold a legal trump card but it doesn't change the moral implications of the deal.

No, I don't believe in "Karma" BS. There is no force in the universe that gives a rat's pitoot if I steal something and will plan to smote me if I do wrong. I'm just not that important. But I know my dad would say it's stealing and he raised me well.

TBH, I don't even know if I could take the 50% deal as I know they paid more for the item than they sold it to me for.



EDIT: I posted this after reading the first few posts and was so worked up, so I replied before reading all the other replies, and now see that you're considering other options. I hope you do what you know is right.

You are correct - I asked how others would handle this situation.

IIRC, you've helped me out (under a different screen name) in the past and for that I'm appreciative however I"m not even sure where to begin with this but I'll give it a few sentences and then I'm done with it.

Your opening sentence makes the rest of your post mute regardless of the content. Implying someone has stolen or is a thief or whatever because you disagree with the terms of a legal deal between the seller/buyer regardless of how you morally/ethically view it makes your post fall on its face. Unfortunately you have provided no value to this discussion. .

You are however entitled to your opinion as am I. I apologize for the rudeness however this is the only post in this entire thread that has agitated me


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