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My son just went through this, and it turned out the bank that held the title (Capital One) does NOT release the title of the vehicle at the point of pay-off. After the loan is retired, they mail the title to the address listed on the bank loan.

So unless the seller has possession of the title, be ready for this.

In our case, we went to the seller's bank and paid off the seller's loan. We had the owner sign a statement in front of a notary public that said she agreed to sell the car in consideration of our paying off the loan. She would give up all rights to the car. That statement included her full name and address, my son's name and address, the description of the car and VIN including mileage.

We took possession of the car right then and there via my buddy's dealer plate and he drove the car home. We had to wait about three weeks for the bank to mail the title to the seller's home address, then wait for her to mail it to CT.

Of course, if the seller has the title, then never mind...

Good luck.


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