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Lost, Confused, Frustrated New member...70 Mach 1

Cannot see where to post. Perhaps the free membership stops me from being able to post in the main group.

I'm Rick. That's about all I have.

I was trying to get to the what did you do today on your Mustang? I think I'm in new subscriptions.
I probably need help on figuring out how it works.

It would be helpful to have some way to understand how to post. By having some instructions somewhere. I can not find them is all, I'm sure.

What really hurts my back is to see all the dead-end links still sitting here after 8 years. Ouch. What a time wasting subterfuge.

Okay, I will probably get kicked out for being a free member that is asking too many questions now. I suppose free members have limits.

I had a question about buying two different heads from eBay. Thought I was buying a set. Who sells heads from two different cars like they are a pair? I mean GEEZ. What a trixter.

$600 out of pocket and I really wanted to get these 4V 1970 heads to work on my engine. But they've been shaved or ground .020. I read somewhere in which that changes the Compression. Nothing in the description about someone having shaved these heads. Wow. I'm old and slow but I'm not stupid. I just got ripped a good one I think.

Perhaps some member here will give me a leg up on what they advise?

Today I got the heads in and found out they are not one of two but just two different heads which have been ground down to .020. They are 70 heads I think, Maybe I can create a case at eBay and get them to step in and refund the 600 dollars. Not as described!

Seems a matched set is what I would want. Right? 4V 351 Cleveland Heads. I've got 2v on the heads on the engine that came with the car, yet it is not a #'s matching. I"m unsure how much it would cost to get these built, and or what to put in them.

And the 2v shows a bump in front 2V. I read where that means open chamber heads! Worthless I have read. Many articles. That is why I'm taking the intake off the engine, which is an Edelbrock Performer 351 designed for these exact 2V heads. 4bbl intake... Use it I wonder or sell or trade it away. I do have a 4V intake from eBay, dated 1970. And now a mix-matched set of 4V heads. That probably need about a thousand dollars worth of valves and such.

So this engine would be a 2V set up maybe out of a later car. Not sure. It might be a worthless rebuild in my opinion. All it needs is a carb and dist. to start up. I would need an engine stand to even hear it. I have nothing for it to go into to determine performance.

The guy I bought it from fed me some bull= about it being a solid built engine with more performance on the lower end, now. hmmm. Also, he said that the guy put in the next size came above stock? What does that even mean? one duration degree? Nothing I'm sure. It might as well be a stock cam if it is one size larger. Tear it down and rebuild to suit? Or use it?

I probably need to tear the motor down to the block just to know what's going on and start over from scratch.

So it is why I have been looking for 4V heads to make it the engine that went with my mach 1 from the factory specs. Isn't that what I need to do? ha. It's a guaranteed 300 hp. Or maybe I should make a street rod that has some performance and forget about what 2V or 4V heads and what intake goes where. Right?

Anyone wanting a project? I apologize friends. My last restoration was a 56 Chevy. @ith no issues. But now that I've started on this 70 mustang I'm finding everything to be wrong. Hard to find parts. And what I have is all the wrong pieces to an apparently very difficult project starting out. In it for $5k so far.

Sorry to sound so negative. It's just nothing seems to be as it really is. I think my problem is I don't have a blueprint of where I want this car to go. I cannot afford it to be a high-performance resto-mod.
But I cannot stand to make it a factory 70 car once more. Or original. Too much trouble.
Any suggestions on what you might do with such.

Remember, I have a body with suspension. New front clip and suspension. Have rear end, all shocks and leaf springs. All in good rubber replaced order. And the engine that didn't come out of this car as this cars Marti report lists a 351C. M code 4v. 4speed, shaker hood. Calypso orange. No steering, no pedals, no seats, no glass, no hood, no fenders. Has one door. And half the mach 1 trim that I need.

I've got the body almost ready to epoxy seal a second time. All the work has been done as far as metal work. I need to buy two fenders a drivers door and a hood. I think the motor is some 2V set up that the guy before me got from someone and was going to put it in this car. I just cannot put a 4v intake in with 2v heads after reading how the ports won't even line up right.

Unless the Edlebrok remanufactured the intake to fit the 2V heads. But there would only be about 15 hp added from a lightweight intake with a 4bbl sitting on it. Maybe it would be able to put out 300hp? Not knowing. Anyone?

Are there any great places to buy parts? Where to get heads done? What would they need to go back to a stock 4V head.

Thanks for your time. God bless our Souls. Hope someone can spare a moment and give me a foot hold here.

Thank you!~
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