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Originally Posted by 70mach1rb View Post
I had a question about buying two different heads from eBay. Thought I was buying a set. Who sells heads from two different cars like they are a pair? I mean GEEZ. What a trixter.

$600 out of pocket and I really wanted to get these 4V 1970 heads to work on my engine. But they've been shaved or ground .020. I read somewhere in which that changes the Compression. Nothing in the description about someone having shaved these heads. Wow. I'm old and slow but I'm not stupid. I just got ripped a good one I think.

Perhaps some member here will give me a leg up on what they advise?

Today I got the heads in and found out they are not one of two but just two different heads which have been ground down to .020. They are 70 heads I think, Maybe I can create a case at eBay and get them to step in and refund the 600 dollars. Not as described!

Seems a matched set is what I would want. Right? 4V 351 Cleveland Heads. I've got 2v on the heads on the engine that came with the car, yet it is not a #'s matching. I"m unsure how much it would cost to get these built, and or what to put in them.

Your thread is all over the place but I'll try to start here.

What makes you think these heads are not a "matched pair" and came off of 2 different cars? Ford certainly didn't "match" the heads to the car.
Do you know anything about Ford's engineering numbers that are cast into each and every head? Do you know anything about "date codes" that are cast into every head?

How do you know that the heads have been "shaved" .020"? Yes, this does raise compression but what's wrong with that?

If your '70 Mach 1 is an M code car then it came with a 351 4V Cleveland engine. Who put the 351C 2V heads on it? And all US made 351C 2V heads have open chambers. Only the Australians had 302C 2V closed chamber heads. Yes, a 302C, not a 351C.

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