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Would your primary goal be profit? To actually make decent money? Then what you need is a literary agent. Any list of successful self publishers is very short.

I think if I were ever to "go for it" I'd look for a good editor first, before an agent. My thinking on that is; How do you get an agent to buy you as a client unless your initial writings are good enough to impress right out of the box? Many hugely successful writers would be failures without editing that steps outside the story teller's mind and sees a work from a target reader's viewpoint. An editor suggests changes for flow and format, when to embellish, what to cut. Not just punctuation, that's child's play. (Or it used to be anyway, these days the number of mistakes is glaring everywhere.)

There are many types of editors and some specialize in a particular genre. For instance, my dad was a career college textbook editor for a Madison Avenue publishing house. Would he have been a good choice to edit a comedian's autobiography? Something by Stephen King? The Herald Tribune? Nope, hell no, and a big fat maybe.

Wanna know who I think were two famous but terribly overrated writers? For entirely different reasons, Herman Melville and Sidney Sheldon. Both succeeded hugely without decent editing, but I'll be damned if I can see how.

Wanna know two writers who I think are underrated? For entirely the same reasons, Herman Raucher and Richard Hooker. What? Never heard of them? Both wrote novels about what they knew, and both stories became good movies, but their books were written beautifully.
Maybe they just both had great editors though.
I've never read any of your stories, but I hope I will. I like short stories especially.

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