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Originally Posted by 4ocious View Post
Would your primary goal be profit? To actually make decent money? Then what you need is a literary agent. Any list of successful self publishers is very short.

I've never read any of your stories, but I hope I will. I like short stories especially.
Here are two samples I've posted here, the first is a short story, the second was promoting autocross, a sport that is so accessible and a fun way to see a different side of Mustanging.

While these do show some of my writing skills, they were a one shot, sit, write and post with no real editing. Most of the stories I am considering self-publishing I've been working on - editing and reediting for years to get each paragraph just so. Its a hobby I very much enjoy, I am considering calling the book: Vivid Vignettes - hand crafted short stories.

I had a fantasy that I might pay down some of my kids student loans with any proceeds and I don't mind taking on a second job to do so, but I do realize it is a fantasy. Its a good point regarding editing...

Thank you both for the insightful posts. After all these years, I finally started with Facebook, pretty overwhelming - spent most of the morning on the privacy settings ;o)

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