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Originally Posted by GypsyR View Post
...It's personal preference, but I like a "sporty" feel from my cars. Quick throttle response at any RPM is a big part of that...

Old school rule of thumb is not to use a double pumper unless the car has a manual transmission or a very high stall converter.
Give me some feedback on that double pumper rule of thumb, Gypsy or anyone with know-how, because I like quick throttle response as well. My 302 came with a 1406 Edelbrock 600 with vac secondaries and e-choke, AND a C4 auto.

I'm converting it to a roller 302, T5z manual, 3.73 rear end and my 302 has 170 TFS TW heads, B303 cam and 1.7 roller rockers, and I will likely only once or twice drag it just to see, but it's going to be a tight handling road course/street car, hopefully, when I'm done. Dual plane Edelbrock manifold.

No emotional connection to the Edelbrock, almost pulled the trigger on a FiTech, Sniper, multi-port EFI but held off, figured too many changes at once, let's break it in with a carb?

Should I stick with the 1406 or is the Summit 600 with 'annular' (whatever that is?) boosters THAT much better, that I might like it so much I don't bother with EFI for a while?

Crapola! Looks like the Summit carbs are vac secondary only?!?

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