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Originally Posted by Flade View Post
Has anyone installed the CAA Hurricane A/C? The instructions that come with the car leave a lot to be desired. They are mostly generic instructions and do not cover the details for. Mustang well. I’m installing a used system in a 65 Fastback. These are the questions I have so far.

1. Where do you run the cable for t(e hot water.cut off valve? The instructions don’t even mention it.
2. Where is the best place to run the wiring for the pressure switch?
3. What do you use to plug the old heater hose hole since they are no longer used. One again the instructions ignore them
4. Do I need to se the aluminum liquid line if the hose is long enough without it?

Any help, or pics would be appreciated
1: I have a hole in my firewall I run my cable through, as well as the line fore my mechanical temp gauge, and the wire for the pressure switch.
3: My kit came with plugs for the holes.
4: I used the line because it was very easy to mold and provided a cleaner look along the fender wall.
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