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Originally Posted by blkfrd View Post
This is a bit off topic but it does involve LSA and it involves a 2013 corvette 427 convertible (LS7)...

I looked up the cam specs of the LS7 a while back and was surprised to see that the LSA is 121 degrees...yikes, and it is a short duration high lift roller cam (210 to 220 duration and nearly .600 lift). It peaks horsepower at about 6300 rpm and will idle smooth all the way down to stall...thankfully because when i'm in traffic, I can just put it into 1st or 2nd and take my foot off the gas and just creep along smoothly. Otherwise, a lopey cam would be a nightmare in traffic.

Anyhow, one might look at the specs for a cam like this and not think it can be part of a high horsepower 7000 rpm engine, but it is because the cam only plays part of the role in the overall performance of an engine. Heads, intake, exhaust etc complete the package.
Actually, it’s because there is more to the story than LSA. LSA is a made up number. Timing events are crucial.
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