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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
"........Every time this comes up people are always recommending getting stuff from Daniel Stern Lighting, and he's got H4 bulbs and relay kits so while I don't personally have his Cibie H4 bulbs (yet) I'll go ahead and put the link here. Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply. ...".

Thanks for mentioning my go-to guy for all lighting questions.

A small point, the Cibie's are lenses, not bulbs. The bulbs are separate, i.e. Not a "sealed beam" like the original equipment. The Cibie lens have a very pleasing convex curvature, unlike many of the other lenses that come with H-4 conversion kits. My first H-4 was purchased from a well known Mustang vendor, and the headlight lens was as flat as a pancake. Very unappealing on a vintage car, especially a Mustang. Despite the improved light, the flat lens put me off of the H-4 conversion until I happened upon Stern's website and discovered the wonderful Cibie lenses.


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