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Originally Posted by vegasloki View Post
Some of you need to give the California hate a rest. I see it's fashionable here to pile on to a place you don't like basically because it's different, or at least you think it's different, than you.
well we are NOT going to give it a rest. We like the climate, the land , the location but we HATE the dictating politicians that are telling us what we can and cant drive and what kind of light bulb we can have. I am surprised they havent dictated what kind of geetar amp we can have. You cant do this you cant so that inside your own house. It is illegal to have a home recording studio in your house where you write songs and sell them in a residential area. I could get fined for having my drums,guitars,hammond C3 , Tascam reel to reels, Midas mixer , etc in my house that I use to write and record my own songs because I live in a residential area. I am not bothering anyone and my place is soundproof and you cant hear anything on the outside. But dictater politicians dont care. There is less freedom in cali then in new york. I have also lived in Atlanta, VA Beach, Iowa, Wyoming,Texas,mississippi, and probably somewhere else I forgot about. I just got back from a trip to new york and the deep south. I like cali but hate the politicians of all parties here. Its all about controlling what you do. There was a news article a while back that said San Francisco was going after home dwellers that using their garage for storage. WTF ! A while back in georgia a couple was fined because there 2 daughters came to vist during spring break. They went to different collages and each had a car. The local law stated that all vehicles must be parked inside a garage overnight. No parking in the driveway overnight. WTF ! They have a 2 car garage that there cars are in. What are the 2 daughters suppose to do ? So there was an uprising and I didnt hear anymore about what happened.

PS. You dont even live here so whats it to you ?
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