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Priming motor before first fire - Strange result I think

Started priming using a priming tool and a heavy duty right angle drill. Started very slow with both valve cover off. Got oil to #7 intake in about 30 seconds, a lot of oil. Had to pause to let it drain. Tried again and now got some at a couple other rockers, but not nearly as much. Realized doing this without valve covers is not going to work. Took my original steel valve covers and slotted them, installed them and tried again. Still a lot of oil at #7I but getting oil at all of the rockers now but more of a drip, drip and the least amount oil at #1 and #5. As I was rotating the motor in 90 degree increments (for 2 full rotations) all of a sudden oil comes out of #7I and hits the wall 3 feet away. Inserted a shield of sorts and kept at it (you can see it in the pic). Every 90 degrees oil still shooting out of #7I and just moderate amount at all other rockers. I feel good about this, but curious as to why #7I like that?

By the way, oil pressure was 50-60 PSI on a physical gauge and I don't know RPM but I am guessing 400-500 RPM. Made pressure very fast and even at lower RPM.

This is a '68 302 block with Alum heads and a stock but new oil pump.

Oil well.JPG

66 Convertible. Full restoration in the works
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