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Originally Posted by bbmach View Post
Before anything else, can you describe what you mean by "empty bowls?"

Fuel bowl levels aren't effected by idle mixture screws. Are you sure they (both??) were empty?
They both looked empty in the bowl glass. I noticed this after I tried to start the car after it had cooled somewhat. Car turned over fine however AFR was going crazy lean and wouldn't stay on idle. I shut the car down and then looked at the CARB and saw the fuel bowls were empty. I then did the carb tune reset steps (setting back to defaults) - cranked it up and idled like an out of the box carb on first crank.

I just went to have a peak at them now - they seem dry again - or at least not viewable. Dont' want to turn it over - kids are asleep. Suppose I could pull a bolt and see if it drains. No noticeable leaks - didn't mess with floats at all. Interesting.


Just checked the front bowl - drained it, it was wet.

the first time where they def appeared to be dry and it would start but not idle - start the car, does it not go to the bowls? Its a chokeless carb so when I start it (cold/somewhat cold) - got to bottom out the gas pedal to get it cranked on first go.

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