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Originally Posted by Hemikiller View Post
Time to air condition the garage...
The damn garage is full of other cars/junk. I put the mustang in an older barn with a concrete floor and it is too hot in there. I'm trying to put a new wiring harness in my '82 vette and it is out in the sun with no starter installed etc. For the record, the vette is tighter to work in than the stang. However, I have cursed both equally...Does that mean I love them both? lol I'm going to catch my oldest son (gave him 4 acres cross the road to build a house) and get him to help me move the vette with my big tractor. Then I can work on it under the cabana off the back of barn. It's cool under there and open.

Red head (not too bad at 63) and the '66 I have to fix. The damn back wheel came off and crunched the quarter badly. I hate unilug rims. I already have the new magnum 500's sitting in the shop ready for new rubber and putting on, when I finish the repair.

The blessed vette I'm rebuilding.

One of the red heads manical Chihuahua's will bite your fingers clean off! Little bastage. 'bout how I feel like this time of the

This retirement stuff is hard on an old

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