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Originally Posted by degins View Post
I don't believe for a second that they built that in 32 days. The production planning alone probably took 3 months.
After I posted my first response it hit me you were probably talking about the stunt and not the build. So I reached out to the SF Film Commission, the entity that issues the permits and indeed Pilgrim (the company that produces Fast and Loud) pulled the permits and was in charge of the stunt shoot with Fast and Loud being the intended production. They're getting back to me on when the permit application was filed and when the shoot occurred.

Doesn't look like this was a Chad McQueen fronted deal unless he first approached them about the stunt. McQueen didn't get the permits. Craig Pilgrim would have let Rawlings know this was going to happen from the get go. It might have even been Rawlings idea in the first place. The stunt was pretty cool though I thought watching the build was mediocre. I find the build threads here more interesting.

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