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The timeline is a bit closer to what they were saying on the show. The permits were pulled in early February and the shoot was April 15-20. Based on what I read regarding getting a permit it looks like at least a couple weeks probably closer to a month. There is info that is submitted, fire, police, medical, parking, notifications to those in the area impacted and the like. That puts them at about mid March for the permit and mid April for the shoot. But why didn't they start when they pulled the permits? It's not like it's rocket science getting them. Almost a slam dunk as long as pros are working on it. Maybe they did start the car that soon but like the rest of the Gas Monkey builds they push the "it's late" drama. I'm not so sure thrashing to just meet the deadline is something I'd want to market. It's great they make the deadlines but I wouldn't want anything I had built going to the wire like that.

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