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Well if you don't have a trailer of some sort I would say buy the aluminum one. I have a 5x10 utility trailer that is really handy, nice pipe rails a ramp which I detest though. One drawback is going to be the yearly registration fee. Mine isn't bad as it's $65 a year but a heavier trailer would be around $85 and require a yearly inspection.

One day after unloading something I asked LOML if she wanted to back the car in the garage or take the trailer around back to the shop where I park it..... She said she would take the trailer... I move my trailer with the mower and I have a tow bar which is pretty much like a towbar for an airplane but it has two wheels and the jack seats in it. So as you can imagine that extra link is handy but takes some getting used to when turning. Well I walked to the shop and waited. She was taking too long so I started heading back. I saw her start moving again. Well she turned too sharp and ran the fender into the side of daughters car... Bent the fender scratched up the paint etc. Oh and there was some damage to the car including a small spot of torn steel but it's a Nissan Versa with 60K and it's seccond transmission so it doesn't have long to live...

She keeps wanting to fix the trailer but I haven't as everytime we use the trailer or are by the shop I mention it or I look at the damage and make her feel bad... Then she says she will buy whatever I need to fix it...
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