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Originally Posted by Flade View Post
My experience is that the parts are often generic and designed to fit multiple models and years. So they may not look exactly right for your
Application but will fit.

That is most likely what has been done or they don't have the correct sheet metal mold to stamp out the 65-66 any more so some other year is being used to make all of these things.

I would prefer to not have a mis-matched set of rocker panels.

NPD said they have probably sold a hundred of that same one I ordered and I'm the first person to return one as not being correct. Maybe most people that are buying this piece are chopping out a patch and not using the whole piece. I found one video on youvtube of somebody doing just that.

Thanks to Roger at NPD on the night shift, he pulled out every version of this piece that they sell and looked at it with me on the phone and they are all using the same stamping for all of them. I was hoping that maybe the full rocker would be made correctly.

I don't know right now what I am going to do.

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