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Originally Posted by LeeFred View Post
Looks good to me. Just make sure those suitcases are secure so the passenger/driver don't end up like Tom Mix when he crashed his vehicle.
Learned lesson years ago when I was installing carpet and driving a 67 Econoline, one with engine in the middle of seats. Had a 5 foot long steel straight edge, one end 90 degrees one 45. Due to summer heat, in and out of construction sites and peoples homes, I routinely carried couple extra dry shirts, deodorant and cologne. One day we had piled tools up in back in a hurry, straight edge on TOP of tool boxes. Somebody ran a stop sign and I had to stand on the brakes. That straight edge became a missile, sharp 45 end jumping the engine hump and embedding itself in front console where I had the toiletries stored. For weeks afterward the van reeked with the smell of that cologne and it was months before my sinuses recovered, the first week or two feeling like I had breathed in fire and scorched my lungs and breathing passages. I am quite sure, that if it had been located to the drivers side about a foot, I would have pierced the seat I was sitting in.

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