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All the criticism is somewhat unwarranted; the guy was clearly a reasonably capable driver with a good understanding of the track. I’ve raced VIR in vintage and knowing the curbs and how the track is I can say this guy had as good an understanding of the track and seemingly of his abilities as you’d like to see in a DE. It sounded to me like it all went south when he missed a downshift point and thus concurrently missed the braking and turn in, and maybe even got tangled up in the peddles. He was perhaps quickly fixated on what he didn’t want to hit and thus it became exactly what he did hit.

He seemed to carry too much speed in, there is an odd blip of the throttle without reaching for the shifter, and then he drives towards what he is looking at and most doesn’t want to hit. That’s often what happens, if you don’t want to hit something, look somewhere else, it’s a guiding principle.

This can and will happen when very fast cars are pushed hard by DE drivers; happens to the pro driver as well. Having it to do over again I expect he’d say he should have elected to go straight off and not go with the direction of the track. Going straight would have cost him the chin of the car, but he’d have the rest. He appeared to me to fall apart mentally when the speed didn’t come off as it had in prior laps, the downshift point went past, and he was subsequently caught out without a plan B. Plan B’s come with experience and it’s been my own observation that the DE driver will overdrive the car and not leave enough room for a mistake.

Yes we can say he got in over his head and ran out of talent, was pushing too hard by not leaving room to recover, but this could have just as easily been the Porsche into the Mustang if the track position was reversed. I’ve seen slower cars and drivers have shunts as bad and worse when they get caught out.

If you’ve not found yourself in something similar you probably haven’t pushed a very fast car hard. Sucks for both drivers as neither can ask insurance for help.

Darrell George
'66 Fastback

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