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Originally Posted by Mike the old grump View Post
If I understand this correctly,

You bought a 69 that the PO pulled the 428 and C6 out of to "preserve them". You got the 428 and C6 with the car.

You also have a 68 with a crate motor.

You are considering putting the original numbers matching 428 from the '69 in the '68?

If you have a hankering for a big block I would put it in the 69 and keep it together. I would consider the motor that is currently in the '69 as the spare not the 428.

Just my $.02
Sorry I should have been clearer, no the previous owner put the original motor and trans back in the car before selling it so it leaves me with the spare 428 he had built, the original numbers matching will now stay in the 69 where it belongs
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