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That was a Chin event, pretty well respected operators that have broader rules than others depending on the track.. In their highest levels they are close to wide open and don't always require a point with open passing but there are expectations of when you should let someone by as well as not crowding or dive bombing into corners, similar to his second pass which I think was an alder Opel, imagine that car getting t-boned. I saw some points given and others i couldn't tell.

Originally Posted by 66stangFb View Post
All the criticism is somewhat unwarranted; .
The piling on of criticism (which is a lot across 3-4 or more forums) started from the apparent lack of culpability, remorse, empathy or self awareness of his actions when he first posted about it. Actually on the day of the incident by disappearing from the scene post haste. A "sorry, hope you are OK" would have been priceless. He wrote his day was ended by a "black flag" after his car "failed to adequately slow in the braking zone." Then deleted.
Then he posted another video without the crash, then another showing a split screen of the last lap and of another lap, his "fastest of the day" which showed the same terminal speed but braking ~100'+ later than before preceded by traffic and a horrible exit speed from the previous corner. Pile some more for not having an adequate plan for each corner, not easing the brake with a harder turn while still on pavement, then a last steaming pile for steering right while on the grass apparently to make that comeback corner which led straight into another car.
Then the pile on for driving 8-9/10 or 10/10 in a DE then the pile from regulars at VIR that point out that section in particular is to be weary of- long straight, hard braking up a slight hill that then flattens not to mention a "straight off" crosses back onto the track.
Then the pile on for driving so hard IN DE with sub par safety- wet noodle seat mounts, bicycle gloves and a go kart neck pillow showing a certain eagerness to "do it" despite the real risks and consequences involved. Things a capable person wouldn't dismiss.

Was it a brain fart, lazy/slow feet, red mist, chasing a speed before braking or simply doing the exact opposite of the right thing only near the very end as the cause...?

This is just one of those DONT BE THAT GUY scenarios in more ways than one.

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