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Originally Posted by Woodchuck View Post
If you're planning to do the disc brake swap at some point but want to do the dual-circuit master cylinder upgrade NOW, but the cheapest '67 manual brake master cylinder you can find, run the front brake line to the existing distribution block and put a plug into the rear circuit port in the block, and run the rear line directly to the rear line directly to the master.

You're not going to find a practical solution to upgrading the master to one that will function properly with both 4-wheel drum and disc/drum systems. Either do the disc brake and master upgrades at the same time or spend the extra fifty bucks.

thank you Bart, Cougar70 and Treozen

I guess I cant make a two step process out of this. Sure glad I asked before buying the master.

I would not wish to rip out and plumb brake lines twice. I am finishing the rebuild of new drum wheel cylinders a stained possibly leaky hose now. Just to get the car back one The road.

I am so mad and depressed that DOT 5 has rusted the bottom only of the master and not the sides of the bowl. WHy all this damage with wet tries in thee years of storage I dont know.

So any idea on how to clean that old single master bowl. lintless rags, brake cleaner ( maybe not) alcohol.?

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