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Have a couple grand to spend - more hp?

As title states I have a couple grand I can spend. This is probably a very broad questions and just looking for ideas. Maybe my best bet is to scan the forum thread topics but to be honest quite a few threads I don't understand pros/cons of what people are doing. So here's some info listed below. Brainstorming. I also would prefer not to add things that can be "finicky" and cause me problems. For the most part this car runs really well and I don't have any major issues. Fires up and runs without hiccup every time. I'm not interested in discussing body work and paint. Mostly I just hot rod around in 1st 2nd and a little bit of 3rd. I don't corner and I don't drive fast. I like to hear it rumble and I like to spin the tires. So what are some thoughts and options I can research?

My primary thought is more power because I like power but the problem is I bought this car built the way it is and the guy I bought it from was the owner after the build and he didn't get the specs. I also don't know the overall condition. It was built in 2005. I have done compression testing that turned out well but other than that I'm not sure. It runs very strong and my "gearhead" buddy called it a torque monster when he rode with me the other weekend.

*1965 Coupe
*351W - ~400 Engine hp
*Edelbrock Performer RPM Top End Kit - I'm not 100% on this one. Was told by PO it has top end kit with ported/polished heads. Intake is Performer RPM.
*Holley 670 Street Avenger - tuned well
*Bored .30 over
*Hooker Headers
*2 1/4" exhaust
*MSD Box/Distributor
*4 Speed Toploader - Not really interested in a 5 speed just to get overdrive. I like my toploader
*3.55 Detroit TrueTrac - gear swap to feel like I have more hp/torque? Rarely am I on the roads doing more than 55 mph.
*Car has old school traction bars and no issues with wheel hop
*Flex fan - never had any overheating problems even in 95 degree weather. Flex fan can be annoying though.
*Front disc - brakes manual - I'm fine with it
*Manual steering - I'm fine with it
*No vibrations

After typing this mess out I'm hesitant to do anything major with the motor because I don't truly know what makes it up or its condition. Is it a complete tear down to figure this out?
Would a leak down test give me everything I need to know on condition? Suggestions?

I'm thinking maybe a gear swap would give me the illusion I'm searching for. ??

1965 Coupe
351W - ~400 Engine hp
Edelbrock Performer RPM Top End Kit
Holley 670 Street Avenger
Bored .30 over
Hooker Headers
MSD Box/Distributor
4 Speed Toploader
3.55 Limited Slip Detroit TrueTrac
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