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Originally Posted by jdub View Post
Of course supporting modifications are necessary. I would think that would be a given.

Stock C4, if in good condition, is fine for any N/A 302. Some sort of posi is nice. I have 3.55s with a factory 8" Equaloc, TCI StreetFighter C4 with PA Servo that shifts a bit too much like stock and a PTC race converter.

The converter is probably the only part that would be strictly necessary. Gears help but they help a stock 289 too- it was the first mod I did.

In the end I don't think there's anything wrong with going more mild, sometimes I wish I would have. But there's no way a more mild 289 or 302 will be faster in any situation. That's the delusion I take issue with. If you have 75 less horsepower than me- don't care how much torque you have at what RPM- you're going to get pumped hard.
as long as you are confident that is all that matters.

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