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Originally Posted by IndyFive-O View Post
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Nothing new here I've seen it time and time again. The only advice I would give you and your friend would be you have to have a thick skin to be on this site. I actually would like to know myself how many people on this site actually restore cars for a living? I'm not saying in a car and a half garage in your backyard. I mean a real shop with bays and clients and vendors that you deal with, just curious.
Really? I think this is one of the friendliest and mature forums I have been on minus the occasional dufus - who is usually a dealt with and a short timer anyway.

I hope it gets worked out Supershifter, you have been here a long time.
It is unfortunate that some members Have more knowledge than another person on here feel it is OK to some way berate them, again this does not go for all the members but there are some that should suspended, but who am I to say I'm not a moderator.
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