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Originally Posted by Gtmustang View Post
Nothing new here I've seen it time and time again. The only advice I would give you and your friend would be you have to have a thick skin to be on this site. I actually would like to know myself how many people on this site actually restore cars for a living? I'm not saying in a car and a half garage in your backyard. I mean a real shop with bays and clients and vendors that you deal with, just curious.
Que? What does restoring cars for a living have to do with demonstrating civility toward each other? This is a hobbyist site that was started and run by hobbyists until the founder exercised an exit option and sold it to the current corporate overlords. What does dealing with clients and vendors have to do with any of this? The reason we can afford the hobby (ie. putting $30k into a $20k car) and the tools is we have successful careers and/or businesses (where we deal with clients and vendors) that allow us the pleasure. Look at some of the build threads and you'll see that some of our car and a half garages in the backyard can crank out some great work. FWIW I don't have a car and a half garage in the backyard. I have a two car garage that faces the street. I wish I could build another garage in the backyard...

You still sore about the for sale thread? The way I remember that one was a guy that was relatively new posted what could be a good find but didn't include a price or pics. When asked for a price and pics he got defensive. That's all well and good but nothing says scam like a guy new to the place posting a car with no pics. Look at it from our perspective. There are many here that can afford to drop $25k on the right car. But with no pics we aren't going to bother following up. Were I a pro and trying to sell cars, not just here but anywhere, I'd say "I'm Dave from Desert Rat Retro. Here are my wares, these are my skills". What I wouldn't do is blow into some forum under a handle, tell everyone how long I've been doing it and not provide any pics or a way to vet what I was getting into.

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