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Originally Posted by wicked93gs View Post
And yet, I have never had an actual Pertronix unit fail...yes, I have had knock-off units fail...but never an actual name brand one. Anyway, the point is that points and condenser are cheap and easy to replace if they fail...nothing else is. In the end, you have to ask yourself what the purpose of your car is. If you want to race it and get the most power possible...go for LS1 coils. If you want a daily driver...I would go points for easy availability...I just dont see a situation that I would ever buy a $300 distributor though.

If I did go HEI...this is what I would do:

Simply because you could keep a simple backup handy in case of failure.

The funniest thing to me about all this is that all these dizzy options are known to fail at one time or another...the real solution is to ditch the distributor and go with a 36-1 wheel for a more reliable solution, a solution that would also allow you to run LS1 coils(though you have to find some type of ECU to control spark, whether its MSD, or some semi-standalone or full standalone).
You're fortunate. The first one I had failed in San Diego while (tightly) parallel parked on a busy street.
Its failure mode was to start and run funky..... almost like it was mis-timed.
The second failure was outright... no spark.

When I'm talking HEI, I'm not referring to the ugly *** big GM distributor, I'm talking HEI ignition module. Triggered
by a magnetic pickup in a Ford/Motorcraft distributor. Yours is a good article.

Here's my trigger in a 70 year old truck.
Redundancy of this system has a Mallory box on one side of the switch and Jacobs on the other. The Jacobs has
never failed, so the switch hasn't been on the other side.
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