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24" Radiator in a '65

I just bought everything to do this with a Contour fans and a 95 Amp 3G Alternator.

This is what I bought:

I can use either a standard pulley or a HiPo pulley. On the 3G alternator is there a reason to use the HiPo pulley?

Alternator install stuff:

Battery stuff:



Fan Controller:
Multispeed Controllers and Accessories
("2-Fan" unit with Contour specific harness)

All-in cost is $701.09 with taxes, shipping, etc.

I liked the radiator because it had 1-1/8" tubes instead of just 1" like every other aluminum 2-row. I probably could have gotten a 1" tube radiator for much less. I might paint the top tank black for more of a stealth install.

I realize that even with the new battery tray things will be a bit tight. My plan was just to offset the radiator to the driver side by around an inch or so.

I'm replacing a 4-Row aluminum Champion with a 14" Derale fan on the pushing on the front. Something I should have never bought, but at the time I didn't know any better. It cools OK, stays around 205, but the fan is ALWAYS on, even when the ambient is not that high (like mid 70s). There is not room for a more aggressive puller fan on the back of the radiator due to the thinkness. I imagine that with a mechanical fan this would be a better setup.

I'm hoping that I never have to think about the cooling system ever again.

I'll try to document and take pics as I go but I am notoriously bad at that.

1965 Mustang

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