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Pulley change, what to expect?

Ok, been bumping into power steering problems for several autocross events, typically happens coming off a long high speed straight and hard brake into a very tight low speed turn. I've got several vids showing my steering locking up mid way through the turn. Called several power steering shops and of course they all wanted to sell me a new pump set up, UNTIL I spoke with the specialist at Turnone. Find out I've been over driving my PS, running a 7" crank pulley and 6" wp and ps pulley, at 6.5k rpm I'm turning way over the limit for both. It's very satisfying to hear from an expert who isn't in to it for the sale, THANKYOU Turnone! Took their advice and dropped to a 5.5" crank pulley (Marchperf) and just finished bolting everything back together, and burping the borgeson ps pump with a 1100psi control valve set up.

Don't know what to expect with the smaller crank pulley, or things to keep an eye out for. Any input would help. Next race isn't for another week.
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