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Originally Posted by 50dan View Post
Nice car. What did you do with the wheels and tires that were on it? Looked like Torque Thrust?
They are american racing 15's. I will be selling them. I have the original 14 inch rusty, chrome dog dishes I will put away with the drivetrain. And thanks!. Would love to see pics and details of your SR. Very interested in the 408 and drivetrain!

It's just a little rust...

1966 secretary special originally 6cyl 3 spd coupe.(Goes to work twice a week)
5.0 SEFI complete from 1988 Mustang GT, world class T-5, 9 inch with 3.50 Trac Lok and Shelby style traction bars. Old Air A/C system.
Build thread:

1969 Mach 1: 1000 miles (almost) to get progress(slow)

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