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Thanks for all the info folks. Tell the truth I was afraid to buy one of the repops, have seen a thread or two where a repop wheel wouldn't seat all the way onto the stem, and I remember a reply that said 'Can you say C-H-I-N-A.' Which put the fear of China in me.

I did contact a number of restorers, sent them the same photos I posted here, and actually did get a phone response ( - like a doctor making house calls) from Steering Wheel Bob. UNFORTUNATELY, my wife got the message, was half way though before I realized what she was listening to, so I only got to hear the last part, and then she hit delete instead of save. But the gist was use this wheel as a boat anchor, not even close to saving, and if I want an original wheel on the car, shop around for a decent core. Anyway, kudos to Bob, for that act alone I'd give him my future business, but after considering the favorable build-up the Best In Show repops get (better than original And I was afraid of them) I'll go ahead and get the repop. Got to shut up all the friends who say I'll never finish the car, and retirements looming - after 20 years I want to drive it to my retirement dinner.

No responses from the other restorers yet, btw.

Thanks again, folks. One day I'll post photos of a done car.
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