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Wheel Covers on 1966

My 66 Mustang has the original wheel covers. I like them and am trying to keep car as original as possible. They are old and banged up a bit so Iím debating on a new set of the exact type from CJ Pony Parts (they have nice replicas).

My only worry is how does a guy pound them onto the wheel without damaging or scratching them? Would a rubber mallet work? My current ones are so beat up I donít have to be very careful with them. But if I get new ones then Iíll probably baby them a bit.

The reason I may need to remove them occasionally is I canít get any air into the valve stems, at least on the front tires. Those stems just donít project far enough out of the wheel cover so it requires removing the wheel cover to get to them. Thanks for any info!

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