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V8 Drum to Disc Conversion (1965 front)

I'm sure this has been discussed many times and I did a search, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I figured I'd start a new Thread.

I have a 1965 V8 Vert with manual Drums all around (replaced single master bowl to duel bowl with kit from CPJP).
I also have the aftermarket styled steel 14" wheels (date stamped 1993) with rivets.

I see a few front Drum to Disc conversions on ebay for around $500 (Pirate Jack, Auto City Classic, Bro-Speed, and Performance On-Line).
Has anyone installed one of these kits, and if so, what wheels do you have? How do you like it?
I've heard that a proportioning valve may be needed, but none of these kits mention it or upgrading the master cylinder.

If I convert, I want a new kit (not interested in Granada or junk yard parts) that will fit my existing wheels.

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