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Wiring For The Future

I have a 66-200 with an operational but hacked up wiring harness.

Long term, I want to swap the 200 for a 5.0 with EFI and an AODE or 4R70.

Id like to replace the birds nest of wiring under the dash with an updated harness and fuse panel. Ive got everything working that wasnt, but its only a matter of time before something else blows or shorts out. My confusion is on what I need so that when I get down the road for the engine swap that my harness is compatible with the EFI and Trannie.

Seems like the EFI harnesses by Painless and Ron Francis are at least partially stand alone. If I install one of the 64-66 American Wire or Painless harnesses should I be good with compatibility?

Please forgive the ignorance and thanks for any advice or help.
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