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289kman 08-31-2018 01:16 PM

66 Mustang Hardtop 289 CA. car project
In an attempt to thin my herd a tad..
I have available a 1966 Hardtop 289 C4 car project available.
Car was originally Springtime yellow with black interior.
289/C4 car with what I beileve is original drivetrain intact. Car was drivable but has sat and engine and trans are tired.
I had the car shipped in from San Diego...The Chassis is fantastic.
Some minor floor repair was done and the cowl was done whether it needed it or not. Quarters were replaced due to dents from living on the CA streets.
Car has orig door tag. Doors are the best Ive ever seen. Fenders have dime sized holes and need some dollying.
Car is ugly. It's multiple colors of yellow, EDP, and primer.
It's an EXCELLENT project for a midwestener who wants no rust repair on a 66 Hardtop.
It needs to be paint stripped and chassis cleaned and have the mechanicals gone through.
I have the car in dry storage and it's a bit buried. It will take some effort to unearth but no problem for a serious party.
Car is north of Akron, OH and S of Cleveland, OH.
PM me with a phone number for more details.

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