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pprince 03-15-2019 07:11 AM

1965 Mustang 2+2
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After 28 years of ownership it is with mixed feelings that I am offering my 2+2 for sale.

Original North Carolina car restored in the late 1980's.

Original fenders, doors and quarter panels. Ford hood with Shelby scoop. Ford trunk lid. Original floors with one 2"x3" repair on the driver's toe panel. Zero rust. Original rechromed bumpers (date coded). Original grill. I replaced the gas tank many years. Cowls do not and have never leaked (they have never been repaired). Paint is 32 years old and still shows well. The front end does have some imperfections simply caused by driving the car. It does not need to be repainted but it is also not show quality anymore. Dupont Imron urethane.

Original C code 4 speed car. Now a Tremec TKO600 5 speed with Centerforce clutch and pressure plate. Lakewood scattershield. Aluminum driveshaft. There are about 2,000 miles on the drivetrain.

1990 roller block with Scat 347 stroker. Done 5 years ago. Forged pistons. 10.5:1 compression ratio. All ARP fasteners (studs). Bottom end girdle. Ford Z303 roller cam. Lifters were new. Scorpion roller rockers. Professionally balanced. Reproduction Cobra aluminum valve covers, intake and T oil pan. Edelbrock aluminum 2.02 o-ringed heads. NOS K code balancer. MSD Atomic fuel injection. MSD ignition. 3 row copper/brass radiator. NOS Ford shroud. With the exception of the battery apron all original engine compartment (date coded) aprons.

Ceramic coated tri-y headers. All stainless steel 2 1/4" exhaust with crossover and Dynaflow stainless steel mufflers.

SSBC front disc brakes. Versailles rear disc. All rotors and pads have little wear. Portfield RS4 front pads. I have never hooked up the parking brake since I installed the Versailles 10 years ago. That is the only item that is undone.

The wheels are late 1960's vintage Cragar GT's. Aluminum centre with steel rim.

Versailles 9" with 4:10 gears and Eaton locker. Shelby under rider traction bars. Koni shocks.

Street or Track strut rods. Opentracker roller spring perches. Arning drop. Roller idler arm. 1" sway bar.

Early 2000's Mustang GT leather buckets. I have the original seats with nice upholstery but I wanted head rests. Original Ford rally pack with NOS 8k tach restored by the Tachman and installed by him at the 1994 MCA 30th show in Charlotte. Factory console. Radio delete. Ford dash pad. Everything shows well. Ford accessory parking brake warning light.

This is a nicely restored Mustang with about 35,000 miles put on it since. It is not one that was restored for quick resale. Everything is quality.

For those that want to negotiate the price is $40k US. If you want to buy it the price is $36k US.

I am an hour from Port Huron, Michigan.

markb0729 03-15-2019 09:48 AM

Nice car. Too bad I’m not in the market. Good luck!

dcastine 03-27-2019 12:36 PM

Wow - that is sweet, I sold one of those to a guy in Hawaii last year.



pprince 04-28-2019 05:34 PM


You cannot receive PM's. I called your number but there was no answer.

I will be leaving for North Carolina in the morning with no phone access and only sporadic internet access. I won't be home until May 6.

Woossh48 04-30-2019 09:39 AM

Sorry about that. I don't answer calls out of the area code, and not answering many of those now.
will try the PM thing again.

pprince 05-06-2019 11:47 AM


I got back late last night.

If you and your son are still interested since I can't pm or call you please call me at 519dash666dash1114

It is best if you post times since I am in and out.

pprince 05-10-2019 08:34 PM

**** Sold ****

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