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WARNING to all the people who are interested in buying the 1970 BOSS 302 mustang in maryland VIN # 0T02G130553.
IT was just listed on the auction place .#2413772904. I just came from looking at the car in person . IT IS A REBODIED CAR !!
the seller is aware of this and is not telling anybody .the vin in the windshield isnt even in the correct place, pass the word i hate to see someone get ripped off
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Hi: Could you go into more detail about how you know it's a rebody?
Could you send me a email with your phone number?

I'd like to discuss this car...

[email protected]
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why is it that you folks cant fill out your profile, what are you afraid or ashammed of?
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i hope everybody here is not an idiot like this guy complaining about a profile . iam just a guy try to make sure nobody gets ripped off !!
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Bigb: Thank you for the information of the 70 Boss 302.
You might have mentioned that you knew the car was already sold. It would have saved me a long distance phone call and a unpleasent phone conversation with you.
Why did you hang up?

I mention to you that I'm looking for a Boss Mustang in the mid-20's and I'd like a shaker car. You said "You want your cake and eat it too".
I mentioned that I'm not interested in a 35-40K Boss, just a nice driver.
You then started asking me if I've had mustangs before. How many and how many I've sold during the last year.
When I mentioned that I've sold maybe 5 during the last year you fired back "Your a dealer!"....And hung up!!

What difference does it make to you?
I'm looking for a 69-70 Boss in the low 20's...
You seemed to be suggesting that I'll never find one.

Also, you just got registered on this website at 1 PM today...And by 430 PM your already calling other users "idiots".

I'm just looking for a car for myself. I don't know why you hung up and your new on this site.
You shouldn't be calling other users idiots.

Thank you for returning my email.
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why is it that you folks cant fill out your profile, what are you afraid or ashammed of?
I asked that question and got flamed. Seems to be a resonable request that you at least put some minimal amount of information in your profile. BTW - so many people flammed me saying that the information would make them vulnerable to everything from the CIA to aliens, that I removed most of my info. I quit trying to understand people anymore....
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bigb---- I was just courious if the car had the reinforced shock towers like the big block cars, rolled lip front fenders, staggered rear shocks, etc. Things like you would find on a true Boss. I'm sure all these things could be (rebodied) put on a regular fastback but they are good to look for. Jim

www.usedmustangparts.net <My Business Website.
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Pro-Stars-15X7'' & 15X10''. Lowered 1'' all around.
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And what does the website www.boss302.com have to say on this

67 GT 350: MCA & SAAC Gold winner
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here is what was done to the car to anwser some questions, the car had boss shock towers welded in , the boss vin was put in at the wrong place on the dash. it hand no boss fenders. the shaker hood was a regular hood cut out, the rear window trim was never removed , it was still the original trim , it was chrome , the car was originaly white now painted red everywere. buck tag was removed to hide orig. color. the car comes back as a red car with marti. it was def. a original white body. the hook for the spare canister was never installed on this body original car was a tach car this car had a tach with a non tach wire harness. plus the guy who sold him the car told him it was not a boss body , the seller told me this once i figured it out. as per the guy who is upset with me after i hung up on him GET OVER IT if you sell 5 cars a year and your are making a profit your a dealer not a collector as you tried to explain to me . everybody is entitled to make a $$$ on a car when sold but please dont hide behind the word collector to mask that your a dealer for the sole purpose of getting a better deal on a car . that is a dealer trick from way back in the day. AGAIN THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ME LISTING THE CAR WAS TO KEEP SOMEONE FROM GETTING RIPPED OFF. oh ya one more thing why would the guy call me to get the phone number to buy a rebodied car . my guess it to make it 6 sold cars a year and to skrew over someone himself !
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My purpose for calling you was you looked at this car and felt it was a rebody.
However, it has a boss engine, shaker,slats,spoilers,rim blow,exhaust manifolds and magnum 500's.
Also, it has staggered shocks, shock tower braces and it's a G code. All for $8500.
I thought it was worth looking into.
Is their anybody out there that would not be just "alittle" curious about this car.
I thought the car was interesting and was worth a phone call.

In turn, you told me the car was a rebody and already sold.
You then went on to ask me what I'm looking for and I said that I'm looking for a boss with a shaker in the 20-25K range.
I just don't want those 35-40K cars.
"Your not gonna find one " you fired back..."You want your cake and eat it too"..

How many mustangs have you had? Quite a few I said.
How many have you had during the last year? About five I said...Why I asked?

Your a dealer you screamed in to the phone Then you said "I don't work with dealers" And hung up!

What business of it is yours how many mustangs I've had during the last 12 months?

You've accused me I've trying to buy this car with the intention of "screwing" somebody else with it.
You've made a accusation that I'm a crook and dishonest.

Because I inquired about a car that is described as a Boss...With a Boss motor/slats/shaker/magnums/spoliers/rim blow etc....And it's a G code...All for $8500.

Guess what...Show me somebody that's into mustangs that wouldn't at least inquire about this car....Even if it was a rebody as you claimed.

You've been on this website registered for one day....
You've called another member a idioit....And me dishonest.
You won't be lasting long around here with that attitude.

Bret Matteson
Boss 351 Registry
Raynham, Mass.

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i guess that makes me a dealer ::the parts alone are worth more than 8,500
so im not sure what the big deal is.
i know a few people who wouldent mind paying that money for a reboded Boss
just to have fun with it
ya can`t see the Vin# when your driving
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So I guess I should jump on a '69 BOSS with a '70 BOSS motor needing some sheetmetal work for $7000 huh!!??
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If you dont, I will !! :p
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just so every body knows the car was not $8500 the car was sold for over $11,000. the shaker was for a clev. not a boss, the carb was a junk holley, the oil pan was destroyed, all the pullies were not boss, the distrib was not boss. the bell housing was gone it had a scatter sheild, the block was a D1 block the driver side exhaust manifold was cracked bad , the rear was a plain open end 9 inch. there was no smog parts , the motor was seized. and yes you got all that for over $11,000 sounds like a great deal according to BRET. not to mention the car was rusted everywere ! hood was not real it was made with a jigsaw and rusted beyond repair , the trunk floors and trunk drop offs rusted thru, rear deck lid rusted thru, both quarters rusted out except were all the bondo was, bottom of both doors rusted out, the cowl was rusted thru, the rear window was ready to fall thru from the rust around it.the gas tank rusted thru pass side torque box rusted out , and yes all that for over $11,000 what a deal says BRET !
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OK I think we get the point. I'm not ragging anyone here but lighten up a little here. You are the only one who saw the car and I guess you know what you saw. We know you hate dealers (I don't care for them either) but sit back and take a few pills and a couple Budweisers. Its obvious someone paid too much for the car. Thanks for the warning and CHILL.
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