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Okay SoCal VMFers, use this thread to offer parts for sale or seek out that hard to find item locally.

A few ground rules:
1) You MUST live in the SoCal area to post in this thread. - If you don't, I'll delete your post.
2) Please don't respond to ads from within this thread. Send the person a PM.
3) Please include year, model, etc in your post. - No sense making people guess what you have for sale.
4) Absolutely NO ebay auctions here - If you do, I'll delete your post.
5) If you sell an item, or find what you need, please alert a moderator so that the ad can be deleted. Ads will also be removed after three months. Feel free to relist, if you wish.

Sound fair? Let's try to make this a service to all SoCal VMFers!
Happy shopping!

SoCal VMF'ers check out the SoCal Chapter
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