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Yes, I will refurbish the rusty seats tracks when I damn well please. Yes, I will replace the worn out carpet someday, but it is a case of the "while-I'm-at-its." I also need to replace the rusty toe pan. Once I do that, I will also install torque boxes, then I will install sound deadening, new carpet and then refurbish the seat tracks. So, the carpet won't quite match the, uh, seats...

My thoughts on the power motor assembly:

I want to keep the seat platforms original, so that I can switch between the 1965 buckets and bench seat, and the late model buckets. I don't plan to do it very often, but in a few years I may want to change it up.

I think the seat platform really needs to be modified for anyone to use the power seat. At 5' 8", it's still too high for me. You tall freaks who have already removed the seat platform may find it quite simple to install the power seat.

I got some 2" wide - 1/8" thick flat steel along with some 90* 2" angled steel. I was going to use the angled steel as brackets. I would have welded them to the seat tracks and then bolted them to the flat steel. A similar setup would work well with the removed seat platform.

This shot actually shows the power seat assembly upside down. I cut each piece of flat steel down to about 16." They are shown at 24" long. I will still try to figure out a way to use the power seat track, but I am happy for now.

Please, post any compliments, criticisms, suggestions and tips.


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