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Overall, my winter is going to be busy. I've pulled the 200 out finally, and have a 302 roller block with TW170 heads and TFS1 cam ready to go. Rotating assembly is together, but haven't put much else on. Have the engine covered while I clean up the engine bay, patch a few areas of bad metal, put in subframe connectors, hydraulic clutch, power brakes, and EFI.

This week, my goal is to clean up my piss poor welds on the first subframe connector (using Tinman) and start installing the 2nd one. Then it's to the fuel tank modifications for EFI.

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200 CI, T5, Comp Cam 260H ,Dual Exhaust Headers, OZ 250/2V head, Holley 390 4V, DS2 Ignition w/ MSD Digital 6+, GT 5 lug disc brakes, 8" rear end, V-8 Steering

Current Project:
5.0 EFI with Megasquirt, BBK SSI intake Manifold, Trickflow TW170 AL Heads, TF Stage 1 Cam...and a quiet as hell exhaust. Want it to sound like an I6...

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